First appearance – Pear cake

The Classic – Chocolate Cake

Pink Power – Raspberry Cake

Bittersweet Dreams – Lemon Cupcakes

Swiss Cupcats – Toblerone Chocolate Cupcakes

Fall´n´fruits – Apple and Pear Cake

Salty Tricks or Sweet Treats – Chocolate Cake with Rasperries and Licorice

Leftover Licorice Meringue

Failed Nut Crust – Nutty Pancakes

Grateful Greenes – Apple Pie with Caramel

Cooling Minty Moments – Mint Chocolate Cupcakes

Roll with the Season – Saffron and Cinnamon Rolls

Last Minute Christmas Cookies

Midnight Munchies – Chocolate Truffles

Holiday Leftovers – Apple and Pear Dessert

Banana Pancakes

Pistachio Chocolate Cake

Monday Blues Blueberry Muffins


Red Velvet Valentine’s Cake

Spicy Pear Muffins

Sweet Sunday Buns

Football Cake (Soccer Cake)