Cake to the People!

For as long as I can remember, I’ve loved baking. In fact, I was still a toddler when my parents found me in the middle of the night, standing by my table surrounded by everything I could find in the kitchen cabinet, and with a huge smile on my face saying, “Baking bread!».

Over the years, I’ve found myself using almost any opportunity and reason to bake – birthdays, end of the school year, job anniversaries, Holidays, Thursdays… Baking gives me some kind of «time out» from my everyday life, and I love seeing the different ingredients being put together and result in something tasty that brings almost everyone in a good mood.

Almost every time I bake a cake, someone asks me for the recipe and how I’ve done it. So over the next year, I would like to share the joy of baking and my favorite recipes with you. I hope you will be inspired, and maybe even take my recipes and make your own twists to them. 

Let’s bring cake to the people!

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